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The Meaning of F7

F7 Lifestyles is built upon seven foundation principles. These foundation principles have been organized in a specific priority and provide a structure that allows our team to coach the pursuit of health from a holistic perspective, where our clients are more than just their diet and exercise. Each foundation principle is a vertex of various paths that lead to accomplishing goals and finding breakthroughs in life.

1. Love – The most important thing we can teach someone looking to be more healthy is to recognize the presence of love in their life. We strive to help our clients discover and/or build their dream, and how to create a life they love. We look at love for self, love in family and relationships and the challenging love for those who have caused hurt or pain. We encourage our clients to identify the love that they are inviting into their lives and also to identify with the love they are radiating outward.

2. Breathing – The number one most important muscle we can help our clients strengthen is the respiratory diaphragm. We know that the human body is an integrated system of systems and when we improve the function of one system we essentially improve them all. However, an improved diaphragmatic breathing rhythm will provide the most carryover to ALL other systems in the body. Inverted breathing is one of the most overlooked pathologies in the fitness industry today. Research indicates that more than 92% of Americans have a dysfunctional diaphragm and overactive accessory respirator muscles resulting in neck/back pain, poor circulation/cardiac stress, hormonal imbalances and many other dysfunctions.

3. Hydration –  Hydration is one of F7’s favorite topics to help educate clients on, as rapid changes occur in the body when a dehydrated body becomes hydrated. Many are shocked to see how fast they see improvements in their digestion/elimination, headaches, tissue elasticity, energy and mental clarity. More than 10 billion biochemical reactions take place in the body every second –100% are water dependent. Incredible healing can occur with proper hydration!

4. Nutrition – Nutrition is a very dynamic and broad topic, yet we promote a simple approach to food consumption. Paul Chek says it perfectly by stating “life lives off of life.” We ask our clients to eat more plant-based food, or food that came from a living, cellular organism (animals). We seek to learn from the history and variety of food composition throughout the existence of the human species. There is abundant information to consider the variety of opinions regarding food consumption, however, we feel it is best to become aware of the feedback our bodies give us and live in a way that gives life, rather than decay.

5. Alignment – In order to create desirable change, our thoughts and behavior must be aligned with our goals. Our team is trained help you become more aligned with your dream(s) and illuminate the path of transformation to becoming your best-self. From a postural perspective, there is a specific geometry (alignment) where the body will function most efficiently.  Our fitness programs will help you become aware of your muscle imbalances and how to move safely to improve posture and body mechanics all while achieving an optimal body fat, increasing strength and improving athletic coordination. By focusing on improving posture, we relieve stress on the digestive system, the respiratory system, the circulatory system and improved posture also helps regulate hormonal balance.

6. Movement – It’s time to play! Intelligent movement should be fun, not painful. Our team will not drag you down the path of health. We love challenging our clients and helping them achieve further limits, but only when warranted. We follow the success formula for moving the body and prioritizing flexibility first, then stability and third, mobility.  The movement principle also addresses the acceleration of our progress and the evolution into our best-self. The balanced pursuit of health and happiness results in an open, emotional experience where we feel unstoppable and have the potential within us to go anywhere and do anything. Mobile body, mobile mind, mobile spirit.

7. Rejuvenation – Rest, repair, restore and grow.   Rejuvenation creates the polarity for growth and is the product of proper stress management and simply being mindful of the feedback our body and mind are providing. Sometimes it is much healthier to “work in” than to “work out.” Rejuvenation identifies sleep/wake cycles and sleep quality as it relates to mental clarity, energy and endurance. Our thoughts can also be an impressive healing source (if we are choosing the right ones), so we encourage clients to practice the art of being present and quiet with their thoughts in effort to filter unwanted thoughts and manifest or rejuvenate the reality they desire.