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Private Yoga

Our yogis live the life they teach. Everyone on our yoga team has at least ten years experience and are committed to a life of service and betterment of others. We feel privileged to share our yoga practice and have witnessed profound changes in the lives of our clients from discovering yoga together. The meaning of the word ‘yoga’ is broad, yet we commonly explain it as a tool that unites or ‘yokes’ the mind, body and spirit. We also resonate with the meaning of yoga: to attain the unattainable.

Private Yoga Instruction:

Just you and one of our incredible instructors!

There are many reasons that you may prefer private yoga to a group yoga class. You may want to learn the terminology and common poses so you have a better understanding for the class flow/environment.  You may enjoy the one-on-one guidance and increased focus on correcting form and fluidity from pose to pose, or you may have injuries that need more attention and modification for various positions. No matter the reason, we will make sure your goals are met and you feel you have benefited from our connection.

Many pricing options are available to fit your budget, commitment term and appointment frequency. CALL TO SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION!

Group Yoga Classes:

Our yoga gurus are available to teach classes to groups or businesses at your office or another location of your choice. We also provide classes and private services to apartment/residential communities. Please contact us to find out more about how we can contribute to your corporate wellness initiatives or your healthy living environment.