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Workplace Wellness

A healthy employee is a productive employee. Corporate wellness programs are becoming an essential part for organizations of all sizes, and are a great way to encourage healthy living, both in and outside of the workplace.  Studies have shown that wellness-based programs not only improve employee’s health and vitality, but also increase work-related productivity and boost company morale and overall culture.  

We are actively partnered with ConnectedEC, where we merge leadership and well-being. We help leaders make high-impact lifestyle changes so they gain the energy, strength and presence to feel and be at their best. Our  executive coaching, leadership and team development programs, and well-being coaching utilize evidence-based practices based in the science of positive psychology to deliver measurable, fast and sustainable results.

For organizations that want to introduce their entire leadership team to cohesive team building and wellbeing practices, we offer custom workshops, executive offsites and team facilitations. Highly interactive, these programs cover team connection, well-being and optimal performance through a combination of education, coaching, facilitation and behavioral change techniques.

Click here to find more information on group programs.

Coaching and consulting for groups and organizations includes (Zoom and in-person):

  • Teams facilitation & team building
  • Workplace wellness initiatives and programs
  • Workplace wellness/fitness challenges – participate from anywhere!
  • Shift Positive 360 assessments
  • Virtual and in-person classes and workshops
    • Flexibility
    • HIIT calisthenics/natural movement exercise
    • Mindset management
    • Mindfulness/meditation
    • Developing an emotionally and physically healthy workplace culture
    • Mental Agility team challenges

Contact us for more information on how we can customize a tailor-made program for your organization!