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Meet Our Team

Ben King :

Ben King

Ben’s intrigue for fitness began when his inability to sit still grew into a desire to understand the mechanics of movement and the important role movement plays into optimal health. He experienced the joy from helping others create a healthy lifestyle and committed his legacy to promoting health. Ben attended Western Illinois University where he studied Exercise Science. Ben has been a certified personal trainer and lifestyle coach since 1999 and is a CHEK Institute Exercise Coach.

Ben is in constant pursuit of education and professional development. Throughout his career, Ben has worked with clientele through one-on-one personal training, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle coaching.  He is responsible for the development and management of MDU/corporate wellness structures and managing diverse teams with multiple disciplines of health. Ben has delivered a variety of health and fitness-based speeches and presentations, hosted and co-hosted group workouts ranging from two to eighty people, and has also taken part in the professional development and analysis of popular exercise equipment and fitness products.

Ben strives to pursue better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health for everyone he meets and looks forward to contributing to YOUR healthy living.

Amanda King :

Amanda King

Amanda is a Colorado native, born and raised in Arvada.  She received a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Journalism/Public Relations from Colorado State University and has spent most of her career in business marketing and corporate sales.  Growing up in Colorado, she has always had a passion for outdoor activities and enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, snowboarding and anything outdoors taking in the beautiful Colorado scenery.  She has been F7's Business Manager and VP of Operations since 2013 and loves helping the F7 team contribute to the health and wellness of their clients!

Tara Ritchie :

Tara Ritchie

Tara Ritchie is a Certified Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Instructor. She teaches therapeutic Pilates for those who have had injuries or high-intensity fitness for those ready to take their body to the next level. She believes that Pilates is the best way to achieve grace in your body without having to endure the years of dance choreography classes and performances that she did.

With her unique style, she will create a perfect balance of strength and flexibility to fit the needs of her clients. Tara grew up skiing and weight training with her parents in Boulder, Colorado and Taos, New Mexico. As a result, she developed a passion and knowledge for the fitness industry that continues to motivate her to instill a healthier and active lifestyle in everyone she meets.

Grant Carey :

Grant Carey

Grant began personal training while attending Wichita State University. After completing his Bachelor’s degree, he left Kansas and moved to Aspen, Colorado and continued to expand his knowledge of fitness and exercise. Certified through the National Federation of Professional Trainers, Grant has worked in Colorado, Texas and California, expanding his knowledge base and contributing to the better health and wellness of his clients. After recovering from a rock climbing accident, subsequent surgery and 18 months of physical therapy, his philosophies and approach to training fell right in line with F7’s core values and principles. His dynamic approach to serving his client’s needs is based primarily on helping them to seek and achieve balance in their lives.

Conor Loan :

Conor Loan

Life is about enjoyment and feeling your absolute best! Conor's main focus is to improve your life, by improving your energy, strength and state of mind. He specializes in manipulating your body and state of mind by using a minimalist approach, in which more is not necessarily better. Conor will help you reach you goals with less time and effort, by focusing more on minimalist strength training, breathing, body stress, and mindfulness to make you a more effective and efficient human being!

Madi Fuhrman :

Madi Fuhrman

Madi’s passion for yoga started about four years ago when she stayed with her aunt in Yosemite. Taking classes there and being in the wilderness inspired her to learn more. Soon yoga became much more than a form of exercise for Madi, but more of a way of living life. Madi has been teaching ever since. Her certification is through Yoga Alliance, and she is currently working towards 400 hours of training. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts, where she learned about movement and human interaction. Her interest in the human body on a physical and spiritual level continues to be highly important to her. Madi’s classes are poetic, playful and peaceful. She is focused on healing the body, mind and spirit.

Kenzie Rosen-Stone :

Kenzie Rosen-Stone

As a professional dancer and performer, Kenzie spent many years training her body and developing a deep understanding of movement and kinesiology. After acquiring one too many injuries, she found yoga as a way to heal and treat her body with love and kindness. As she formed this new relationship with her physical form, she discovered a new appreciation for how the body should move. Kenzie found her purpose to help others build a loving relationship with their body, mind, and soul so that they may lead happy, healthy lives.

In an effort to impact as many lives as she can, Kenzie pursued her career in fitness and wellness by acquiring a Personal Training, 200-RYT Yoga, Barre, and Nia Certifications, and is currently working on a Nutrition and Weight Management Specialty Certificate. When working with clients, she utilizes all of these tools, as well as her extensive background in dance and sports, in order to create individualized programs.

Kenzie’s passion for holistic living, intuitive nutrition, Ayurvedic and yogic principles, artistic expression, and Mother Nature, are all integrated mindfully into her classes and training sessions. She offers private yoga, private personal training, private dance lessons, lifestyle coaching, and an array of group classes. When training with Kenzie you will work from the inside-out, incorporating her holistic mind-body approach with hard, FUN work!

Juliana Rose :

Juliana Rose

Skye Cornwell :

Skye Cornwell

A native of Houston, Texas, Skye recently made the move out to Denver. As a professional dancer, Pilates has always been extremely beneficial throughout her dance career. It quickly gave her the strength and alignment needed, both mentally and physically. Skye believes the mind-body-spirit connection is very important, and that Pilates is a great way to balance those aspects of life. After graduating college, Skye realized she wanted to continue her education in Pilates, as well as pay it forward to others. Skye is certified through Peak Pilates and is always continuing her education and learning new ways to help her clients achieve their personal fitness goals, as well as maintaining an enjoyable environment.